Interior Services / What we do:

Designing your home is an individual process. Every person has their own tastes, and when living with family, the trick is to bring everyone's ideas and inspiration to the table and come up with something they all love. We find that our clients always have lots of great ideas but just don't know how to bring them all together. That's where Tiipii can help.

Interior Design Services

  • - Paint Colour Consultation
  • - Window Furnishing Selection
  • - Cabinetry Design
  • - Hard Surface Selection
  • - Artwork and Accessories Selection
  • - Furniture Selection
  • - Total Room Design

The process / How we do it:

Initial Consultation

When you book an initial consultation, Salli will visit your home to discuss your likes and dislikes, review your rooms and explore the style you're looking to achieve. She will talk through a few options and empart some of her expert knowledge to you. This consultation lasts for between 60 to 90 minutes.

After the initial consultation, Tiipii will provide you with the following:

  • - A summary of what was discussed at the consultation
  • - A list of interior design services we suggest you'll need to complete your project, along with the corresponding fees

In the Tiipii / Who we are:

Tiipii Interiors is the creation of Interior Designer, Homemaker and Mum; Salli Sheedy.

Salli has worked predominantly in residential design in Perth and Melbourne, as well as some commercial hotel design in Hong Kong, China, Korea and Canada.

She studied Interior Design and Decoration at RMIT and has been working in the Interior Design Industry for over 18 years.

Tiipii is Salli's way of combining family life with her career. Having her own family means she knows how important it is to have a well designed home where family is at the heart, and where everyone can enjoy their time together.

Salli believes that the environment you live in truly impacts your state of mind and wellbeing. By engaging in an interior design service with Tiipii Interiors, your home will be transformed into something you feel more connected to, and comforted by.

Portfolio / Some of our work:

Cranwell Square

A light and fresh colour palette transforms this house into an enjoyable family home.

Rosemary Court Pt 1

A pop of colour was the finishing touch to this young girl's room.

Launder Street

A modern extenstion to a traditional home. All it needed was few touches to give it some warmth and character.

Harvest Home Court

Colour selections, furniture, artwork & curtains turned this new build into lovely family home.

Simpson Place

A major renovation helps turn this 80's double story house into a stunning and functional family hub.

Rosemary Court Pt 2

Custom cabinetry, curtains and artwork, made this lakeside holiday home a refreshing family retreat.